Fancy you stopped in

J Kahele

A fire releases through his lips, igniting every nerve in my body as he kisses me. I clutch his back tightly, needing to feel his body close to mine. He kisses my neck softly. I tilt my head allowing him access. He slides his lips down my neck and I am so aroused I feel as if I will completely combust, as every kiss, every touch brings me closer to the edge. He moves down my body to my breast, twirling his tongue around my nipple, suckling it softly. I moan loudly as he kisses my stomach, moving still down my body. He kisses my thighs and my body starts to shiver, he places his hands under my thighs, lifting them gently, and moving between my legs. The soft twirl of his tongue inside me is more than my body can handle, and within seconds I find my release.
“Oh!” I moan, closing my eyes as my body convulses with pleasure. My breathing is so rapid I have to open my mouth to suck in air. I don’t even notice Andrew is no longer in the bed. I only notice when he moves on top of me. The fresh, minty smell of his breath is tantalizing, as he places his lips to mine.
I engulf him completely. He takes his hand, and gently spreads my knees apart, then enters inside of me. 
The want for him was so deep, my mind wandered into a world of complete ecstasy. Every movement of his body syncs instantly with mine. I start to build up as he slowly moves inside of me. He kisses me, panting as he is building up, too. I wrap my legs around him, wanting him deeper inside of me. When I feel as if it couldn’t feel any better, he begins to move faster and it happens. I come undone instantly, finding my release once again. Andrew follows soon after. I am paralyzed, I can’t move. My body still convulses as he is still inside of me.
As he regains his strength he pulls out of me, lying to my side. He wraps his arms around me tightly, facing me.
“You’re trembling.” he says softly. I am breathless and unable to speak, so I just nod. Purchase book.


2014-06-09 09:41:35 - David
Very good writing. Pulled me right into the scene.
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