Fancy you stopped in

J Kahele

It isn’t uncommon for Jenna to break down within a minute’s notice. It is the emotional scars that have been placed within her mind by none other than—Ben Kramer.

One of her biggest fears is being alone. Ben knew this is one of her biggest fears and he used it against her. He would always leave her alone after he beat her; it was one of his many dysfunctional ways of making her suffer. She tries so hard to control her emotions, to put the memories out of her mind, but her emotions are no longer hers. They belong to the horrific memories that are permanently scorched into her mind.

This is the part of the abuse I loathe the most. The hurt and the pain she would go through over and over, it devastates me.

As she continues to sob, I can feel the tears well up in my eyes. I would do anything to erase the horrific memories she has locked up in her head. But I can’t, I am helpless; all I can do is hold and comfort her until it passes.  Purchase UK - Purchase US

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