Fancy you stopped in

J Kahele

My hands feel clammy, as I begin to sweat profusely, I was nervous—really nervous. She places her hands on the button of my jeans, slowly unbuttoning them. She bends as she yanks on the sides of my jeans pulling them down, along with my boxers. I step out of my pants and boxers and stand before her naked. She smiles slightly as she stares at my erection then slides her dress off. 
I stare at her clad only in a corset. The corset accents her perfect curves and lifts her flawless breasts. Her skin shimmers as the light gleams down on it, so delicate, soft and beautiful. She walks closer to me and I can’t help but want to touch her. I place my hands on her shoulders and slide them down her arms. Then I bend my head slightly placing tender kisses on her shoulders. She moans as she clutches my back, inviting my lips. I slide my lips across her neck and nibble on her ear.
“Oh Andrew.” She moans. My name from her lips and her moaning was more than I could take. I wanted her—I needed her. I scoop her into my arms and place her on the bed, sliding on top of her... Click to purchase book.

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