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Review of Encouragement From Dr. Hank


Encouragement by Dr. Hank is a composition of small notes given to the reader to encourage them towards a healthier, prosperous and happy life.

I found the words by Dr. Hank to be encouraging and helpful when explaining the way one can use the universe to find self peace. Positive thinking—positive results.

There are many books out that explain how we can use the Universe to help our lives to be better, but there are not books that actually give you paragraph after paragraph on how we can easily reach that success. Dr. Hank helps gives you actual readings to say to the Universe, to help guide you in the right direction.

The book is written in such a simplistic fashion that it is easy to read for anyone.


My Rating 4.5 out of 5.0


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About the Author


Dr. Hank Seitz is one of the most beloved and celebrated experts in the area of personal improvement and mental development.

People just love him because he loves people and helps people love themselves.

This quality is enough, in and of itself to make people feel significant and uniquely gifted to achieve any goal and live their best life – but that’s just the beginning of what Dr. Hank offers individuals and organizations.

Dr. Hank Seitz is an International Speaker and Author, and works with Business Teams to measurably increase their business results. He has his undergraduate degree in Business from the University of Wisconsin - Madison, Master’s Degree in Human Behavior, and PhD in Mental Science.

He was a General Manager with Procter & Gamble for 15 years, in charge of running a billion dollar corporation, and for the past 15 years he has used his time proven process with hundreds of Corporations and thousands of business teams. Dr. Hank is a Mental Scientist, Behavioral Psychologist and Business Man. 








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