Fancy you stopped in

J Kahele



Of all the possibilities of her predictable life in Spokane, abruptly meeting the man of her dreams was the least bit expected for Nikki. Brad, a man of seductive quality, seizes control of her mundane lifestyle and soon they embark on an exotic life together. That is, until she is faced with the suspicion that not everything about her new love is what it seems. After nearly a decade of deceit and brutality, a crushing blow is made in an attempt to end her freedom and erase her existence entirely. Will she escape from his hands in time? Or will Nikki be doomed to become Brad’s next victim? Follow this true story as Nikki takes the road less traveled in her face-off with a sociopath—battling against his deep desires for sexual exploitation, wealth and ultimately power


Review of 9 by E. James

The violation of your emotions is the worst possible thing one can do to a person. Brad was a manipulative man who used Nikki’s heart, for financial gain. Nikki was weakened by his show of affection, weakened by his lustful love, but mostly he tugged at her heart strings, when needed without caring what emotional scars he left behind.

This woman sold her body for him, she did what he asked just for his love and he repaid her by simply calling the police, turning her in? How can your heart not hurt for her? The fact that this is based on a true story makes the tale even more horrific, to know that a woman practically sold her soul for his love and this pathetic excuse for a man, sold her out. I have no words, there are no words to describe the disgust I feel right now.


My rating 4.5 out of 5.0


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